About Us

PASHA Malls is Azerbaijan’s largest mall operator with the first shopping mall opened in 2008. Currently, the company manages 6 shopping and entertainment centers across Baku and one shopping mall in Azerbaijan’s second largest city, Ganja.

The group’s portfolio includes: Baku’s signature and only luxury shopping mall – Port Baku Mall; At the top of the city's most favorite location lists with its magnificent terrace opening to the Caspian Sea - Deniz Mall; One of the first shopping malls in the country - 28 Mall; The largest international and local brand mix destination - Ganjlik Mall; The only shopping mall with wide ceilings opening to the blue sky of Baku - Amburan Mall; A favorite destination for shopping and entertainment located outside the city - Shuvelan Park; The fanciest and modern shopping center in Ganja, the country's second-largest city - Ganja Mall; The next step in shopping, our eighth shopping mall – Crescent Mall, has opened its doors to our guests.



A leading regional and credible strategic investor governed by utmost integrity, sound corporate governance, advanced technology solutions and managed by competent human talent to stimulate sustainable economic growth, professional entrepreneurship and to facilitate regional business partnership.



Promote capital-efficient investments in non-oil industry in Azerbaijan and in neighboring economies to serve their growing investment needs, to stay committed to encouraging a culture of innovation and creativity, and to being a representation of best corporate practice, trust, continuity and respect for all our stakeholders: our countries of presence, shareholders, employees, clients and partners.


At the core of our business stands the unshakeable commitment to integrity. For us, it means doing what is right. Every time. All the time. Even when no one sees you. At the very basic level, it is about respecting the laws and regulations of the country we operate in. It is about upholding our company’s code of conduct even in the face of challenges. It means never sacrificing company interests for personal gains. It means being honest with ourselves, our colleagues, clients and partners and earning their trust.


We generate profits for the benefit of our shareholders and the society at large. In fact, it is today’s profit that lays the foundation of the sustainable business and serves for maintaining the competitive edge. Our staff understand that value comes not only in every manat earned but also every manat saved. However, in the pursuit of short-term business goals we never lose sight of our long-term aspiration – to create and maintain a sustainable global business. And this aspiration drives every strategic decision we make.


The world around is constantly changing, so we often have to operate in ambiguity. We seek new opportunities and are ready to take bold steps – do things and go places others don’t dare to. We don’t fear challenges but view them as opportunities to grow. We are unafraid to take a personal responsibility for going an extra mile or doing something new. Our staff treat the company with care, passion, prudence – just like they would treat their own business.


The outside world will always judge us by the quality of the product or service we deliver. And the quality of our work is directly proportional to the dedication and professionalism of our staff. There is no way around it. That is why we always follow the standards we set. That is why we deliver what we promise - day in, day out – carefully balancing quality with efficiency for optimal results. That is why we try new things and strive to learn and improve - as individuals and as an organization.


When we work as one team across departments, business units, and countries we produce phenomenal results. When we collaborate with clients, partners and suppliers we far exceed market expectations. The impact of these synergies far surpasses that of any individual contribution. Collaboration creates a sound working environment and leads to higher efficiency. It accelerates problem-solving and enables innovation. It nurtures trust and respect.