The exhibition 'Urbicide in Karabakh' has been launched

The exhibition 'Urbicide in Karabakh' has been launched

With the support of PASHA Malls and the organization of the Karabakh Revival Fund, the exhibition named 'Urbicide in Karabakh' has been organized in our shopping centers.

The exhibition, consisting of a total of 20 photographs, showcases the material and cultural heritage of Karabakh during the occupation of its territories, as well as the damage inflicted on the region's biodiversity and natural resources. The main purpose of the exhibition is to provide information to the visitors of the shopping center about the damage caused to Karabakh. The restoration of the liberated areas depends directly on the support of all members of society for the work being done in the direction of restoration.

The exhibition, which reflects the atrocities committed by the occupiers in Karabakh, will continue for 2 months.