Get ready, the magnificent "Deniz Carnival" is coming!

Get ready, the magnificent "Deniz Carnival" is coming!

On July 15th, August 19th, and September 9th, 2023, we present a magnificent carnival celebration, plenty of discounts, and concerts by famous performers to all the lovers of Sea Mall!

The Deniz Carnival will continue with lots of fun, discounts, and a fantastic festive atmosphere.

On July 15th, Hiss will perform, on August 19th, Murad Arif, and on September 16th, Aygun Kazimova will create a true carnival atmosphere for the participants. During the carnival, many stores at Deniz Mall will offer unique discounts with their trendiest products. It's a great opportunity to renew your wardrobe and get wonderful gifts for yourself and your loved ones. The entire carnival is filled with entertainment and joy. You can enjoy the vibrant costumes of the carnival participants, lively dances, and festive music.

Don't miss the chance to join the magnificent carnival parade at Deniz Mall and experience its joyful and entertaining atmosphere. We look forward to welcoming you at our unforgettable event that will leave you with only the brightest and most positive impressions!

Note that participation in the carnival is free of charge.