Car Lottery

Car Lottery

Starting September 25th, incentive lottery campaigns have started at 28 and Ganja Malls belonging to PASHA Malls.

Both lottery campaigns consist of four draws and will last until January 25th, 2023. The first three draws of the lottery, Apple iPhone 13 Pro mobile phones, Apple AirPods Pros headphones and Porodo Lifestyle scooters. The last draw will raffle off a Hyundai Venue at Ganja Mall and a Haval H6 Hybrid at 28 Mall.

The conditions for participating in the campaign are simple; everyone gets one lottery coupon per 50 AZN spent at 28 Mall and 30 AZN spent at Ganja Mall. The campaign applies to all purchases made at the mall either cash or non-cash.

The stimulating lottery resulted in immense interest and satisfaction among visitors in both malls.